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Bo Weidema

Thumbs up! My full support. When we have multiple channels of cooperation/communication, it is so important that we use them for clearly distinct purposes and cross-link whenever relevant. Agneta's proposal point us in this direction.

Best regards


Den 2019/12/09 kl. 16.38 skrev Agneta:

Dear all

There have been several concerns about multiple communication channels in BONSAI which make it challenging to follow on what's going on and how to contribute.

To resolve this issue, I suggest some ground rules:

BONSAI github -

  • ¬†All issues must be raised and discussed on our Github platform. Issues raised, opened or closed (as well as pull requests) will be automatically updated on the bonsai project board
  • This will help everyone to visualize the progress in the overall project. I have already linked the main repositories to the project board.
  • If there are issues that you would like to highlight in the community, you can of course write an email to the community with a link to the issue. So people address it directly on github. -
  • To announce, webinars, hackathons, workshops
  • Meeting minutes
  • Introduce new members
  • Direct members towards specific issues which require discussion (important: only share the GitHub link for the specific issue)

  • To be actively used only during Hackathons for informal quick communication

Bonsai Wiki
  • Bonsai wiki documents the overall vision of the project. I will link Wiki sections to specific repositories where we have addressed the work suggested in the Wiki.

I hope this will help BONSAI members to navigate through the ongoing work on the BONSAI platform

Best wishes

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