Re: Outreach in the buildup to the hackathon

Matteo Lissandrini (AAU)

Hi Chris,

I've taken a look at your post, very interesting!

One thing is odd to me, you have all these modules that describe their functionality/values, and then you have "Jena database instance".

It is like you were describing how a car is made and said "A car as an engine, a  steering wheel, brakes, and wheels with Michelin(r) tires"

I think you can safely write there something like "RDF triplestore"  or "Semantic Aware DBMS" or "Linked Data Platform" depending on what you really need. Is it just store and query RDF, for instance? Do you need first order logic reasoning? etc..

Depending on your actual needs then, Jena may or may not be the tool you need.


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Weekly post #3: Modular BONSAI components. Comments and critiques are welcome.

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