Re: Opening a second work track for BONSAI #dataliberation


Hi all,

Disclaimer: I'm new to BONSAI. I know nothing about ontologies. And I have probably spent less than 30 minutes reading the available documentation. I guess I qualify as an interested outsider so please take my statements as such.

When I first heard about BONSAI, I was quite excited. I understood it as an open-source, collaborative LCA database which I really believe is needed right now in our field (there are millions of studies and sources for LCA data but they are scattered and sometimes inaccessible). However, my excitement was dampened when I visited your project site for the first time. Everything seemed to be about RDFs, ontologies, triples... I thought to myself that all this stuff is probably necessary to build the all-encompassing database that you guys want to build. But I know nothing about it. And because I don't understand it, there is nothing I can do to help. I am an LCA practitioner with an engineering background and solid programming skills. I thought I was your audience. But after visiting your website I was not so sure. I think Chris' proposal could be way to include guys like me in your process. If that's what you want.


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