Re: Opening a second work track for BONSAI #dataliberation

Massimo Pizzol

Dear Crhis


>> I would like to propose we open a second work track for BONSAI: data liberation. The goal is to allow for more work to be done on interesting research questions and practical challenges in a distributed and democratic fashion.


Concrete examples? I have a hard time understanding what you have in mind.


Dear Ben


>> I thought I was your audience. But after visiting your website I was not so sure.

What was expectation, what did you expect to find exactly in our website? Perhaps you are not our audience right now. Right now there is a lot of focus on ontology because it is a fundamental brick of this Bonsai puzzle, and will allow to make new ground-breaking things later on. This is my understanding and vision at least. Agree the work is slow-progress due to various reasons (including lack of know-how). You don’t have necessarily to contribute to ontology, if you don’t understand it and doesn’t sound interesting. Based on what Chris suggests above there might be other types of BONSAI-related work where you can contribute to in the near future.




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