Re: Opening a second work track for BONSAI #dataliberation


Dear Massimo,

What was expectation, what did you expect to find exactly in our website?
Something remotely related to LCA ;) like process models, lcia methods, or data to build such. I expected that BONSAI was a platform for such things.

You don’t have necessarily to contribute to ontology, if you don’t understand it and doesn’t sound interesting.
It sounds quite interesting as a matter of fact. But right now I have no capacity to dig into complex new topics like that. Maybe I can pull out of my work for your next Hackathon to learn more about it and contribute in that direction.

Based on what Chris suggests above there might be other types of BONSAI-related work where you can contribute to in the near future.
Exactly! That's why I like Chris' proposal :)


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