Re: Opening a second work track for BONSAI #dataliberation

Miguel Fernández Astudillo


As I see it, there is room for everything. The ontology track is quite revolutionary, but slow to implement. It is rare to find somebody with an understanding of ontologies, a vision for industrial ecology, substantial coding skills and free time. The slowness demotivates and can make the whole thing stall. 

However, there are incremental tasks that can have a more immediate result and are still useful for the development of an open-source well-structured database. For example (and at the risk of being monotematic) correspondence tables in csv are an intermediate result of the ttl versions and can be used by many researchers to ease their work and avoid duplication of efforts. I'd love to improve and document the current implementation of exiobase in brightway (so I can use it in my day to day work!). Or contribute to a data format that can be used to share foreground LCA models (referenced to background data and their URIs).

In summary, I am all in for incrementalism but with a vision of where we want to go.



On Tue, 25 Feb 2020 at 11:29, Benjamin W. Portner <benjamin.portner@...> wrote:
Dear Massimo,

What was expectation, what did you expect to find exactly in our website?
Something remotely related to LCA ;) like process models, lcia methods, or data to build such. I expected that BONSAI was a platform for such things.

You don’t have necessarily to contribute to ontology, if you don’t understand it and doesn’t sound interesting.
It sounds quite interesting as a matter of fact. But right now I have no capacity to dig into complex new topics like that. Maybe I can pull out of my work for your next Hackathon to learn more about it and contribute in that direction.

Based on what Chris suggests above there might be other types of BONSAI-related work where you can contribute to in the near future.
Exactly! That's why I like Chris' proposal :)


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