Re: Outreach in the buildup to the hackathon

Matteo Lissandrini (AAU)

It is like you were describing how a car is made and said "A car as an engine, a steering wheel, brakes, and wheels with Michelin(r) tires"
(Complete aside, and not important, but: as a private person, you
never need to use someone else copyright/trademark/whatever symbols.
You aren't selling anything, there is no question over IP. People do
this in published papers and it drives me crazy!)
Agreed, I wrote it for stressing the point not for IP concerns :)

I think you can safely write there something like "RDF triplestore" or "Semantic Aware DBMS" or "Linked Data Platform" depending on what you really need. Is it just store and query RDF, for instance? Do you need first order logic reasoning? etc..
This is an excellent question! We chose (and Bo has an installed
version at Aalborg of) Jena based on a small survey that we did a few
years ago. For the time being, we are envisioning this as a dumb
triple store, where actual data processing happens externally.
However, this is mostly because I and the other people I have talked
to are much more comfortable writing Python than trying to express
ourselves in SPARQL.

I'm not questioning here the technical choice re the software.
My point is that you are "masking" the functionality you need with the name of a technology that should implement it.
This has 2 effects (i) you commit yourself to a specific software in a place where such decision is not necessary
(ii) your model is missing important information (which is assumed implicitly but it is not so): what functionality you need there.

Depending on your actual needs then, Jena may or may not be the tool you need.\
Let's talk about it at the hackathon!
Sure :)

Btw. Not sure what the relation is between Jena&Python

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