Request for comment before BONSAI 2020 General Assembly #communication #dataliberation


Dear BONSAI community-

The 2020 general assembly will be held on Thursday, and is open to all paid members of BONSAI. Remember, active members qualify for a reduced enrollment rate of 50 - it isn't too late to sign up! Contact me personally for more info.

Before the GA, I would love to get some input from the broader community on where BONSAI is, what you think is realistic, and where you think BONSAI can be most effective. We had big plans for a funded hackathon before Corona shut everything down, and the energy of an in-person hackathon is difficult to reproduce online. Consequently, there hasn't been much forward movement on the BONSAI project as a whole (though if you follow the BONSAI churn email list you can see work continues: Feel free to respond to this email with your thoughts, concerns, and ideas!


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