Re: Request for comment before BONSAI 2020 General Assembly #communication #dataliberation


Here are my personal thoughts:

  • There is a lot of work being done in the USA by various federal agencies, coordinated by the US EPA and supported by GreenDelta. This includes reproducible inventory building (Electricity LCI, US EEIO), LCIA base data, and LCIA data formats and correspondence lists. It's difficult for me to keep up with all that is happening! In my opinion, BONSAI should support and benefit from all this activity - one clear way of doing this is to adopt data and data formats, instead of reinventing wheels.
  • PRĂ© is (one of) the core initiators of the CDLCI project, which is trying to solve basically the same problem that BONSAI is (though through a different path). They are strong supporters of BONSAI, sponsored our 2019 hackathon, and have expressed strong interest in leveraging BONSAI in the future. They also see CDLCI as part of a data network, not as a stand alone project (see the attached slide). How can we benefit from this partner in an effective way, while preserving the BONSAI vision?
  • Similarly, UNEP is willing to sponsor and participate in a hackathon, as long as their work directly benefits GLAD.
  • There are a number of small problems where a little bit of work, combined with broad engagement from the community, could make everyone's life a lot easier. For example, at PSI we recently implemented ReCiPe 2016, which was incredibly painful, both in standardizing and correcting the names the ReCiPe team used, and in comparing our implementation with others. You can read the closed issues to see some colorful language. Is this an area where BONSAI ideas and already present technology could be applied?
I have no idea if it makes sense to try and hold an online hackathon - I see both sides here quite well. I am happy to follow the judgment of the community.


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