Re: Request for comment before BONSAI 2020 General Assembly #communication #dataliberation


My thoughts:

- BONSAI and other projects (Electricity LCI, US EEIO LCIA base data, LCIA data formats, CDLCI project, GLAD, IEDC,...): I agree that it is hard to keep up with the numerous projects out there. We should definitely avoid reinventing the wheel. The question is: How? Adopting existing data, formats, etc. is good. But how can we do that if we don't know about them? Do we need some sort of "radar" for new projects and a "screening system" to filter out the portions of those projects, which are interesting for us?

- Community engagement: I agree. I don't know if the existing BONSAI technology can help. Would be awesome if it could! If not, we need to find better ways to engage the community. Pré's LCAList is a good place to find advice but it is a poor place for collaboration. GitHub is a great place for collaboration but I don't think many people from the LCAList are there. I wonder if there is a way to bridge the gap between both communities.

- BONSAI's 2nd work track: I was originally in favor of this idea but I lost momentum because I felt like support within BONSAI was weak. Furthermore, I feel like the release of GLAD made this the work track obsolete (although I might be wrong). I think there should be a new discussion about this.

- Hackathon: I really regret that there is no in-person hackathon this year. For a newbie like me this would have presented a great opportunity to get to know everyone. Furthermore, I was planning to use it as an opportunity to get acquainted with the work previously done in BONSAI. I agree that an online hackathon is a poor substitute. But I think that an online hackathon is better than no hackathon :)

That's it from me. Looking forward to hearing the results from the GA.

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