Re: Online #KnowledgeManagement - audit and suggestions for change #knowledgemanagement


The draft getting-started guide is here. It currently describes how I perceive the state-of-affairs to be now (regarding task management, prioritisation etc.). As such, it is not really yet fit-for-purpose. I don't yet know how to contribute toward simple, manageable, useful tasks. So describing this is rather difficult!

In order to be most useful, Romain & I agreed that we want the getting-started page to link directly to specific tasks. But we find those tasks are described in various places in different ways (Wiki, website, hackathon agenda, blog posts etc.). So we realised that this needs to be solved in order for the Getting Started page to function properly. We agreed that GitHub issues are a sensible choice for this. I've dogfooded a suggestion to use them for Bonsai here. And started converting the Wiki task list into Issues in the same repo. An issue relating to completing the getting-started guide is also here.

Other suggestions such as "a sort of toolbox for beginners to bonsai", are beyond my reasonable scope at this time. Great if someone wants to make this, but perhaps tangible Bonsai software contributions could be a higher priority!

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