Re: Request for comment before BONSAI 2020 General Assembly #communication #dataliberation


Hi all,

This my first post in the BONSAI community, but have been subscribed to the list for a while and would like to be able to participate more. Coming from a programming/physical sciences background I feel the LCA community could do with greater open-source collaboration which is what makes BONSAI stand out. I want to add to Brandon's point about engagement.

In order to keep the project growing given the current situation with coronavirus (and perhaps also going beyond that) one idea to try is a hackathon spread over a longer period of time and as a series of events, to make it more accessible for those with parental/carer duties and allow establishment of teams. I have seen this emerge since March with other volunteer-run groups outside of LCA in place of traditional hackathons, and like all of us have have experienced both both good and not so good transitions online. Some have run coding challenges, workshops and talks spread out over several days with a central communication platform such as Slack/Rocket/MatterMost Chat. For interactive workshops and larger talks, platforms like Zoom or (for video conferences) are used to bring everyone together.

Nice examples include the OpenCOVID19 initiative hackathon which was organized by a relatively small organization set up last year, but managed to attract over 1000 projects. Even though LCA may not be so widely known about as COVID-19, it would still be possible to create an online space for incubating ideas through events of this style. It would take a core team working fairly intensely to organize such an event, find organizations to support, and to advertise it, but BONSAI is not coming from no-where and it is worth a shot.

All the best,

Research Analyst, LCAWorks
Previously at the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London

London, UK
GitHub: tur-ium

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