Re: Online #KnowledgeManagement - audit and suggestions for change #knowledgemanagement


Dear all-

I created the beginning of a BEP based on Tom's audit here: My idea was to make our ideas a bit more specific by using the BEP to provide details, and also to make us think about alternatives and why we are confidant that one direction is best. However, we can continue to use the #KnowledgeManagement tag, as the BEP is nowhere near ready.

For example, I am not sure why the wiki is the best place to host a getting started guide, or general introductions to B. The webpage not only gives us more freedom in terms of what we can show (no limits on embedded media), but I don't think the wiki provides a substantial ease of use advantage versus e.g. writing markdown and having an automatic processor to create HTML.

Some of these issues are most easily discussed in person, around a big sheet of paper, where we can draw different designs. For example, I don't see why the homepage wouldn't have a little search box allowing you to search to ontology/product list, as well as a dynamic widget that would allow you to do calculation based on the current database state. That would be awesome, and a clear differentiator with other DBs - but impossible on the wiki.

I would prefer to get a clear line between what content goes on the wiki, and what on the web page.

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