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Dear All

Hope you are all keeping in well. We have some updates on recent BONSAI activities :

1) We are presenting our ontology and its application across several virtual conferences:
  • 'Transparent Sharing and Integration of Life Cycle Sustainability Data with Provenance' - Oral presentation by Emil R Hansen at the International Semantic Web Conference 2020. (2nd November 2020)
  • 'FAIRification of LCA data using Semantic Web' - Oral presentation by Agneta Ghose at Brightcon 2020- Open Sustainability Conference (20th October, 2020)
  • 'Modelling LCA data on the Semantic Web' - Oral presentation by Agneta Ghose at LCA Food 2020  (14th October 2020)
2) We welcome a new member Rudra Pratap Deb Nath. Rudra has recently completed his PhD at the Department of  Computer Science, Aalborg University. His research was on the development of integrated platform for semantic business intelligence. He will be continuing his Post Doctoral research at the Danish Centre for Environmental Assessment, Aalborg University. He is extremely enthusiastic to continue the work done for BONSAI from AAU.

3) Last friday (16th September 2020), we had an introductory meeting with Ken Bagstad (Research Economist, USGS’ Geosciences & Environmental Change Science Center ). He is involved with the development of data and models for the  Artificial Intelligence for Ecosystem Services(ARIES) project, which has developed web-accessible and stand-alone software tools to assess ecosystem services for environmental decision-making. The AIRES project members have been working with the use of semantics and machine reasoning to enhance data discoverability for several years. They are keen on further discussions on collaborations with BONSAI. We can potentially have another meeting this November to discuss the possibilities for collaboration. 

Moreover, they are happy to provide an exclusive workshop for BONSAI members on the use of their k.LAB software - A specialized tool to import, annotate, and publish data and models on the k.LAB semantic web, which makes them easier to share, reuse, and link. Our member Benjamin Portner will be in correspondence with all of you to find a suitable date for the workshop. 

Best wishes
Agneta Ghose

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