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Thanks for your answers, Matteo and Søren! I was indeed talking about a machine accessible from anywhere, including but not limited to AAU. Such a machine might be useful for inspecting and manipulating exiobase in general, not just for converting it to an ontology. For now I am fine doing stuff on my laptop but things take long sometimes. Hence my curiosity.


From: Matteo

Currently the endpoint is running on a VM at AAU.
(which is quite hard to reach since you need two different steps VPN+proxy machine access)

I think Benjamin is talking about machine independent from AAU.

Also, it is important to note that the requirements (which are not so large by todays standards -- Thanks Moore!) are just if you plan to convert the entire Exiobase.

If you plan to work on YSTAFDB you can do it with your laptop.

Matteo Lissandrini

Department of Computer Science
Aalborg University


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In principle we should have a VM at AAU (funded by the ODA-project), but I do not know if it accessible and set up in a way that makes this possible(?) Maybe Matteo knows?

Holy moly! The hardware requirements are intense. Do we have something like a central BONSAI cluster where we can run such code?

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