Re: #bep0002 Proposal open for discussion #bep0002

Michele De Rosa

Great initiative! I think that a default time for discussion should be set and mentioned in the template. A default time could be 3 weeks from the publication of the BEP.

The template might also mention that the editor could modify (extend or shorten) the time depending on specific needs or the activity and liveliness of the discussion. For example, if no discussion occurs for 10 days the editor may propose to close the discussion if a decision is urgent (as perhaps in this case, since this template is already being used), or extend the discussion if there is lack of consensus (e.g. on controversial methodological issues).

The template could also mention that "the editors should never take the role of a judge of whether a suggested change should be implemented or not - it isn't their role to take potentially controversial decisions. (Chris M)"


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