A new #project board to visualize #project #issues



with Tom, we would like to suggest the use of Issues, Labels and the more general Project board features of GitHub to better visualize the long-term tasks described in the Wiki and benefit from the functionalities they provide (discussion, level of completion, assigning workforce, etc.).

This would allow us to quickly see who volunteers for which tasks, the priority level, etc., and hopefully better understand the work to be done and how far we've come.
Also, I find it particularly convenient for discussing and exchanging ideas within a given task.

As a try out, we've populated the Issues section with a few items (high-level tasks, as described in the Wiki), associated labels and milestones to them. Labels and milestones are jsut tehre for "illustration purpose" and we need to refine them, should we agree to manage tasks that way. You can them see then in the Projects tab within the BONSASAMURAIS/bonsai repo, divided in "to do", "in progress", "to be reviewed" and "done" categories. You can also filter out the tasks to be displayed on that board (should there be too many of them) by label (priority labels, for example).

Issues: https://github.com/BONSAMURAIS/bonsai/issues
Project board: https://github.com/BONSAMURAIS/bonsai/projects/2

Let us know what you think and we'll complete it further.


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