Re: A new #project board to visualize #project #issues

Michele De Rosa

Correct. My opinion is that the project board should be under the "Main" Bonsai directory because:

  • it is becoming increasingly hard to figure what has been posted where; it will become even more so when the resources increase. Thus, a "root" folder with the project board would be welcome.
  • several projects may concern the hackathon as much as the longer term Bonsai goals and some of the sub-groups for the hackathon too. In these cases, under which directory should the project item be listed? Under the sub-group directories, the hackathon directory¬†or the Bonsai directory?
  • some of the sub-groups have some dependencies. It would be an advantage to have a common directory that we will all have to access to find the project board, regardless of the sub-group we contribute to.¬†
  • the project board should have links to the tasks described in the wiki, which is un the Bonsai directory
PS: the name of the root GitHub, BONASMURAI (instead of BONSAI), is due to the fact that the latter name was taken.


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