Re: BEP-0004 BONSAI knowledge management and communication strategy | open for discussion / seeking editor


Thanks Tom, this is really exciting!

I would like to remind people of the process around BEPs. The BEP is a draft, meaning that it is still under development. It doesn't need an editor yet. The "working group" for this BEP is everyone, as we need your input to make sure that this plan seems reasonable. However, please do not edit the BEP directly (unless you are Tom) - instead, either respond to this email with suggestions and comments, or fork the repo, make some changes, and submit a pull request that Tom will merge.

Some comments on the proposal itself:

  1. There are some cases where an active voice is needed, as this would be the ruleset. E.g. "It is proposed that no other new mediums should be created without advanced discussion" should be "No other ...".
  2. We are already building web apps for the hackathon as subdomains of, e.g.
  3. "Proposed action (in addition to these):" - the link is broken. Maybe it is simpler just to list the additional actions.
  4. "The Mailing List" section - I think we should be clearer here that the mailing list of for conceptual discussion, in addition to areas where a consensus needs to be found (both within the working group, but also places where useful outputs could be obtained from the broader community), while issues are for project management and technical implementation.
  5. "apporpriate"
  6. "This issue" - Let's list the issue name
  7. Testing plad should be two-fold, the first phase being at the hackathon with its participants, the second being outside observers who are vaguely familiar with BONSAI, e.g. Xioajin Zhang, Oleg Lavrovsky.

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