Re: #ontology Can we come up with a better term than "Flow Object"? #ontology

Bo Weidema

The important issue is to distinguish between the observation of a specific flow (e.g. 22 kg input of steel) and the abstract flow-object ("steel"). This distinction was not made clear in e.g. ecospold schema where the exchange = flow and the abstract flow-object is simply called "intermediateExchangeId" or "elementaryExchangeId" referring to a taxonomy of "master data".

I do not think it makes much difference if we call it flow-object or flow-item, so if there is a preference for the latter that would be OK with me. Exchange has the problem that it is easily confused with a market operation (e.g. currency exchange). So I think "flow" is still the best option, as this is either an input or an output.


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