Online #KnowledgeManagement - audit and suggestions for change #knowledgemanagement


Following from Chris's post here, this is my audit of existing Bonsai communication mediums. Plus suggestions for changes that I'd like to open for comment before taking action which affects everyone.

The goal of this effort is to organise the Bonsai mediums such that interested people can quickly navigate to the most up-to-date information which is relevant for them. This way they are more likely to properly understand the project without unnecessary struggle. Once they have this understanding, their path toward meaningful contributions should also be clear. This is particularly important with the recent flurry of activity and upcoming outreach.

Current state


Bonsamurais organisation (17 members) containing:

·       4 repositories

o   The Bonsai repository contains the Wiki, where tasks are currently managed (e.g.)

·       A top-level project board made my Chris today but not yet used

Best navigated on the web-interface (although I've found rich-formatting of posts is not so friendly)
You can update your email settings to prevent spam here and via hashtags.

·       main (24 members)

o   hackathon2019 subgroup (16 members – note that posts here won’t necessarily reach the 8 people exclusively in Main)


·       A 'company' (59 followers)

·       A closed 'group' (339 members!)

o   "About this group" is the only publicly visible part. It does not include links to other open Bonsai mediums

Website contains

·       static pages

·       some document hosting here.

·       Fairly detailed descriptions of planning and strategy

o   it's not clear whether this or the wiki pages are authoritative on this topic, and there’s much duplication

·       web-app hosting on this domain suggested

Google docs

Root and subfolders shared with various email addresses; anyone with the link can edit. Subfolders:

·       ‘documents’ - 8 sets of minutes from Developer and Board meetings

·       ‘classifications and correspondences’ - 24 Google spreadsheets

Slack for chat

·       Invitation Link

·       Chris has stated he intends to also upload the chatlogs from the public channels for transparency

·       Private channels can be used for private comms


Other currently planned mediums


For documentation of functional Bonsai software (source)

For video calling/conferencing.

·       Bo has a paid plan and has requested he be contacted for scheduling

·       Zoom can be integrated into Slack for video meetings (but hasn’t yet)

Not found

Previous funding applications. These could be useful for potential future applications.


Change proposals

·       The wiki becomes the primary destination for up-to-date information, with only stable information on the website (plus eventually the web-apps)

·       Use the Github 'Projects' functionality for task management.

o   When tasks relate to specific repos, use the 'projects' in those.

o   For higher-level tasks or ones that presently lack repositories, use the top-level Bonsai organisation 'projects'


Action points

1.       Update the wiki front-page (or make a dedicated page) with the outcome of this discussion.

a.       use this as the general "contributing guidelines" (or similar) for the organisation. Stating how we agree to use the various comms mediums and tools such as GitHub Issues etc.

b.       This becomes the basis for the #GettingStarted guide referenced by Chris

2.       Update LinkedIn (group and company) descriptions with a prominent link to the Wiki front page

3.       The Google Drive and website meeting documents are hosted for posterity as pdfs at a single location (I suggest the website only, as they are static)

4.       Delete the copies from other locations

5.       Add previous funding applications to the same location.

6.       Add any missing information from the website-hosted strategy and work plan to the wiki. Then delete these webpages

7.       Add a link to the mailing list in the website contact section

8.       Edit the ‘Status and statutes’ section:

a.       ‘Status’ implies up-to-date: hence reference the wiki

b.       ‘Statutes’ are static: with other website-hosted documents

9.       Move the 5 pages of tasks to appropriate GitHub organisation or repository Project Boards

Further questions

1.       The LinkedIn group is not open. Is this by default or is there a rationale for requiring an invitation before people can join?

2.       Paid 'Membership' is currently only emphasised on the website. Should this option be made more prominent elsewhere?

I look forward to any corrections / additions / proposal comments!

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