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Matteo Lissandrini (AAU)

Hi Chris,

I can imagine that some of my tests may have deleted some data from the database. Sorry for that. To be honest, I was under the impression that the data in jken
I would expect the database to be wiped out regularly until we reach a stable status.
But this should not be an issue.
I would like to help in establishing the (automatic) workflow that collects the data (in NON RDF formats) and parses and merges it with the ontology and the contents of the /rdf repo so that we can easily wipe and redeploy the Jena instance at will.
I believe this will require a coordination between the arborist repo, the rdf repo, the importer and probably some other?
Probably in the triplestore repo?


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Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2019 10:34 AM
Subject: [bonsai] #infrastructure New working group and practice guidelines

Dear all-

As many of you have already realized, we need to organize and document our infrastructure a bit better. Specifically, I see a need for:

  • Standard practice guidelines on maintaining the RDF database. For example, it looks like is fixed, but I am not sure by who or when. Also, I think someone (or more than one person :) has wiped this database since the hackathon, as the electricity data is missing.
  • A small guide to help everyday people know which named graphs to use, and how to use them.
  • Backup and restore procedures for the RDF database. We need to be dumping stuff anyway to make the downloads available.
  • A private repository with server configs and passwords. I have applied for status, but we could also run a private instance of gitlab.
  • A list of all websites, virtual servers, etc.
Tomas, would you coordinate this? It doesn't mean you have to do all the work.

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