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Brandon Kuczenski

I'm afraid I do not understand the voting options here- we are selecting from rows in which the final column is always 'activity', so we are choosing terms for the first two columns- but what do those columns signify? general and specific / abstract and concrete? "flow quantity" is not comparable to exchange or elementary flow or anything else in the table so I am at a loss. I do think that any system that doesn't recognize quantities as a distinct class is incomplete, but voting for "F" shows a misconception of what a quantity is.

If I were to apply my own perspective, it would be "abstract entity" and "concrete / observed thing" so my votes would be: BGEACDH0. I would prefer "Flowable | Exchange" over "Flowable | Flow" but it is not a choice.

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"The 'flow' of an 'item' from/to an 'activity'" 
Is quite close to the way we colloquially talk about these things IMO, e.g. "10 kg of carbon dioxide from electricity production". I know 'item' might be appear too generic, but we have decided that we don't want to accept the mental limitations of predefined categories (like e.g. 'product', 'emission', etc.) so the chosen term actually has to be quite generic to allow us to identify almost everything...

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