Re: #ontology Can we come up with a better term than "Flow Object"? #ontology


After a community vote on nomenclature, we are essentially tied between the following options: "flow object", "item", "flow item." This vote was announced as informative and non-binding, so it is up to the ontology working group to decide what to propose in BEP 5, and this discussion should be summarized and referenced in the final BEP. For the time being, it makes sense to continue using "flow object."

Here are the vote results (options are listed here):

Final average rank (where 1 is the best):
Flow object: 2.33
Flow item: 2.88
Item: 2.88

In instant run-off voting, the final tally is 5 first-place votes for "flow object", and 4 first-place votes for "item".

(While these results may look like they reveal a clear preference, they are quite sensitive - any single person changing their vote could flip this preference, and some people might be tempted to do so when the initial results are presented. Therefore I think the only fair interpretation under uncertainty is to regard these as tied.)

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