[hackathon] follow up meeting 5th May 2019 #knowledgemanagement #issues #meetingminutes


Hi everyone

We had a short catch up meeting this morning, where we followed up with the working groups. We identified a few issues that need support, and the need for some deadlines to help in the progress of the project. Here's a short summary:

Need support:
--> RDF conversion of EXIOBASE data and Bentso data
     -- How do we re name product (e.g. electricity) coming from market ?
--> Correspondence tables – how to aggregate / disaggregate (e.g emission groups (e.g. HFCs) to emissions (e.g. HFC-134a, HFC-23...) as different emissions have different characterization factors.

--> Please update github repos we are individually involved in
      -- Add issues where we are stuck (e.g. need info or support from other repos to progress)
      --Add labels to identify relevance of issue to reach nearest goals.

Project deadlines (f
ocus on closest milestones):

  • 21st June: Paper submission to Semantic Web for Social Good workshop @ ISWC'19
  • 30th June: Report on Hackathon for IJLCA
  • 1st week of September:  Presentation at LCM, Poznan

    Other news:
  • Full paper presentation by ML @ Slovenia (1st week June)
  • If agreed all manuscripts written on overleaf.
  • A poll to schedule weekly catch up meetings. Having meetings scheduled in advance will be useful.
Best regards



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