Re: [hackathon] follow up meeting 5th May 2019 #knowledgemanagement #issues #meetingminutes

Matteo Lissandrini (AAU)

Hi all,
I've commited code for the exiobase conversion and started the conversion (it generates 2.2GB of csv data, so it will take some time, do not try it on the HUSE file on your laptop unless you need to heat your room - also you'll need a lot of RAM)

I've also found some issues with the output of the arborist code. I've submitted a pull request.

If all goes well tomorrow I'll upload to the <> the Exiobase flow and activity instance data.
Please let me know if you have any comment/feedback.


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Subject: [bonsai] [hackathon] follow up meeting 5th May 2019 #meetingminutes #knowledgemanagement #issues

Hi everyone

We had a short catch up meeting this morning, where we followed up with the working groups. We identified a few issues that need support, and the need for some deadlines to help in the progress of the project. Here's a short summary:

Need support:
--> RDF conversion of EXIOBASE data and Bentso data
     -- How do we re name product (e.g. electricity) coming from market ?
--> Correspondence tables – how to aggregate / disaggregate (e.g emission groups (e.g. HFCs) to emissions (e.g. HFC-134a, HFC-23...) as different emissions have different characterization factors.

--> Please update github repos we are individually involved in
      -- Add issues where we are stuck (e.g. need info or support from other repos to progress)
      --Add labels to identify relevance of issue to reach nearest goals.

Project deadlines (f
ocus on closest milestones):

  • 21st June: Paper submission to Semantic Web for Social Good workshop @ ISWC'19
  • 30th June: Report on Hackathon for IJLCA
  • 1st week of September:  Presentation at LCM, Poznan

    Other news:
  • Full paper presentation by ML @ Slovenia (1st week June)
  • If agreed all manuscripts written on overleaf.
  • A poll to schedule weekly catch up meetings. Having meetings scheduled in advance will be useful.
Best regards



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