Vote for BEP-0001 #bep0001 #poll

Matteo Lissandrini (AAU)

Hi all,
the BEP seems fine to me.

I have only 2 comments:
- I would have preferred it to be called "BEP000" for vanity reasons :)
- I think each future BEP should include a link to the rules in participating to a BEP discussion

Michele De Rosa

Dear all, 

it is time to vote for the BEP-0001 (BONSAI Enhancement Proposal Template):

  • The proposal has been standing for a month.
  • The proposed template has already been used for other BEPs.
  • No major comments and/or modifications were submitted during the last 3 weeks.

Ballot question:
Do you accept the BEP-0001 (BONSAI Enhancement Proposal Template)?

The vote will be open until 17th of April 6pm CET. Results will be announced as soon as a valid majority is reached, thus earlier than the 17th if possible. 

The voting procedure is described in the following voting procedure 



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