5.4.19 Catch-up meeting minutes and next meeting planning


Next catch-up meeting

We will have another catch-up meeting on 12.4.19 at 15:00 CEST, and then skip the next week (19.4.19) due to Easter holidays.

5.4.19 Catch-up meeting minutes

Correspondence tables
Started https://github.com/BONSAMURAIS/grafter tool to change 1-1 CSVs to RDF with actual predicates
Added some new tables, and metadata to existing tables
Priority is EXIOBASE - ENTSO-E, as we need this for first proof on concept deliverable
Data cleaning/conversion now is laborious and manual, need a better way. See an example here: https://github.com/BONSAMURAIS/Correspondence-tables/blob/master/scripts/from_raw_to_clean_tables.ipynb
Need a clean and prominent place to summarize existing repos, their functions, and their interdependencies (one possible overview from Tom Millross is attached)
Could be on wiki or bonsai README
bonsai.uno website rework is starting, repo here: https://github.com/BONSAMURAIS/bonsai.uno
Discussion on nomenclature is ongoing, with several creative solutions proposed
Adaptation of existing probability ontology is difficult due to all examples being XML; volunteers to help adapt this ontology please contact Agneta
Move away from JSON-LD and towards Turtle as default exchange format for RDF data, due to readability and ease of programming
System model / calculation interface
Work and documentation is proceeding after the hackathon, such as procedures for dis/aggregation (e.g. Aggregating different types of gas with different calorific values)
REST endpoints to be defined and documented
Miguel A. will attend https://forum.openmod-initiative.org/t/aarhus-2019-workshop/1126
Those attending LCM 2019 will hold an outreach event, with organizing and content support from others in the BONSAI team


Repo overview attachment