A formal structure for community governance


Dear all-

I have developed a formal structure for making community decisions, based on the Python enhancement proposal template (PEP) that many other software projects use. You can find the draft here:, and the repository here:

As eating your own dog food is generally good practice, I propose that we test this system on itself. To do this, someone who is not in my circle of friends would need to volunteer as an editor for BEP 2 (BEP is BONSAI enhancement proposal, and it describes what an editor does).

I look forward to your ideas, suggestions, and critiques! If accepted, we would then use the BEP process for the hackathon as well - it is sometimes a bit of a pain, but I promise it will pay off in the end.


Sorry, there was a comma at the end of the first link (thanks Romain), here is the correct link: