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Hello at All,


My Name is Matthias Dollfuss (27), I’m from Austria studying Eco-Design (Ecological Product-Development) at the University of Applied Science in Wieselburg.

Before studying Eco-Design I did Web Development in Python (Plone). I’m also in a Start-Up where we want to change the Fashion Industry to be more Sustainable.


I came across BONSAI cause I was searching for a new open source tool for doing LCA’s and displaying them also on E-Commerce stores,

so that there would be more transparency about environmental impacts of the different products.

I’m searching for a Master Thesis Project, which combines LCA and Web-Development, so I registered in your Mail group to find out if Bonsai would be an option, for me.


I was wondering about the actual state of the Project, maybe you could give me more information about that. 😊



All the best


Matthias Dollfuss







Hi Matthias

Welcome to the group. 

BONSAI is a platform which aims to provide open data on sustainability assessment. You can read more about BONSAI here .
Its an open community with members across different domains contributing towards it. 

Currently we are in the process of integrating one of the commonly used datasets to the semantic web. The name of the database we have currently integrated is called Exiobase. It is a global multi regional input output database used for the analysis of the environmental impacts associated with the final consumption of multiple product categories (including textile).
This data can be queried if you have some experience with SPARQL. One of our members Romain Sacchi has developed a web application which should enable us to query the data easily i.e knowledge of SPARQL not required. However, when he developed the web application our dataset was not ready. Based on your introduction I think you might be interested supporting us with.

I have attached all this links to this message that might be useful for you. If you need any other information. Please don't hesitate in writing back. 

Best wishes

Team Bonsai