ESWC 2019 Trip Report 2 messages By Matteo Lissandrini (AAU) ·
Collaboration with TRASE project 2 messages By Chris Mutel ·
opemod Aarhus By Miguel Fernández Astudillo ·
International emissions inventory conference 2 messages By Chris Mutel ·
#project #communication 7 messages #project #communication By Michele De Rosa ·
Introducing Thomas Maël By Chris Mutel ·
Thinking about how best to leverage our work so far 4 messages By Chris Mutel ·
Collaboration between US EPA and BONSAI 2 messages By Chris Mutel ·
Categories for Exiobase Activities and Flow Objects to enable Exploration 22 messages #ontology #toolbox By Matteo Lissandrini (AAU) ·
EXIOBASE extensions - what do we want? By Chris Mutel ·
#rdf #issues #exiobase 24 messages #rdf #issues #exiobase By Agneta ·
Intro Mail 2 messages By matthias.dollfuss@... ·
Presentation by Wes Ingwersen, US EPA - Friday, Nov. 22 - 15:00 CET/9:00 EST 5 messages By Chris Mutel ·
Base nomenclature - theory into practice 3 messages By Chris Mutel ·
Discussion/collaboration with TRASE project By Chris Mutel ·
CSL or other standards for data source provenance? By Ingwersen, Wesley ·
Communication platforms- Ground rules 2 messages #communication #knowledgemanagement By Agneta ·
Mark your calendars: two presentations from similar projects By Chris Mutel ·
Adding provenance 16 messages #ontology #intro #provenance By Agneta ·
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